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Bowland Bees get busy for Bumble

Our loyal customers will be very familiar with Bumble and may well know that we have always used locally sourced honey to create our blonde, honey beer. But today marks a very exciting milestone for this ever-popular brew… we’re delighted to announce that we have purchased our own hive of bees who have moved into their new home at Little Middop Farm in Rimington.

Bowland Bumble 4% ABV Honey Beer started out as one of our seasonal ales back in 2018 but was swiftly promoted to our core range thanks to the overwhelming feedback from our customers. We’re so excited to be introducing our own honey into the brewing process while helping to increase the bee population.

We have all read about the importance of bees and how they have been in decline for many years. Bees are vital to pollinate both the food we eat and many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife. Here at Bowland Brewery, we are continually inspired by the area of outstandingly natural beauty (AONB) of Bowland when creating our beers and we are passionate about supporting this stunning landscape so introducing our own beehives was a natural choice.

We’ll be sharing regular updates on the bees and some interesting facts and top tips from Head Beekeeper, Val, over on our social media pages.

From Bee’s to the Bar video.